Management Analyst

Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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Saima Beaulieu
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Full Time

QSI is seeking a full time Management Analyst in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


1. The position requires someone with the necessary skills to review and interpret FOIA regulations and policies, including those related to redaction, in the interest of evaluating adherence by the prime contractor.
2. The position requires someone with excellent contracting, production analysis, and research skills. Production analysis includes reviewing, analyzing and researching information, including the use of ANSI standards and other commonly used performance metrics, drawing conclusions based on that information and articulating that information.
3. The applicant must have strong verbal and written communication skills to provide accurate and appropriate descriptions of production outcomes, gaps in contract requirements and service delivery, and other quality-control related outcomes.
4. The applicant must have strong customer service skills and be able to politely and appropriately interface with everyone, from high-ranking public officials to colleagues, in a timely and helpful manner.
5. The applicant must be able to draft complex written memoranda that are comprehensive, accurate and will conform to all relevant format guidelines with minimal revisions necessary. Incumbent must be able within these memoranda to thoroughly and concisely summarize case information, formulate legal arguments, and apply appropriate regulations and standards to the presented information.
6. The incumbent must also be able represent the office in meetings, workshops or conferences relating to his or her assigned portfolio and/or general visa processing as necessary. Travel may be required.

The candidate must also possess the skills to meet the following requirements:

• Review required sample of outgoing FOIA responses to ensure proper coordination with appropriate Department of State offices, complying with FOIA regulations and policies, and ensuring full responsiveness to the requests.
• Review and evaluate the prime contractor’s training program for FOIA staff members and provide assessment to USG.
• Identify and document contracting issues and develop contract improvement initiatives.
• Collaborate with the primary contractor and GTMs in the development, implementation and oversight of centralized contract tracking and reporting on all quality assurance activities and findings.
• Assists the government with identifying actual and potential conflicts in contract requirements and provide recommendations for remedy.
• Participate in relevant management meetings and workgroups to support objectives
• Facilitates Quarterly Quality Reviews (QQRs) and other formal quality-related reviews.
• Develops and maintains NVC and KCC procedures for quality assurance, inspection throughout the VSS support contract lifecycle.
• Develop and implement records management program for filing, protection, and retrieval of records, and assure compliance with programs throughout the VSS support contract lifecycle.
• Coordinates ongoing internal primary contractor contract evaluations.
• Design, evaluate, approve, and recommend FR operator certification to USG based on quality assurance assessments.
• Conducts quality assurance assessments via on site and desk review processes.
• Establishes risk assessment methodologies and oversees the risk assessment process.
• Establishes Technical Monitoring Plans (TMPs), performs monitoring, and tracks the progress of corrections/issue resolution.
• Provides support and technical assistance to the COR, GTMs and other USG staff with the primary contractor related contracting and procurement responsibilities.
• Reports on the primary contractor contract information and contract lifecycle activities.
• Assists with maintenance of contract COR Working files on the NVC and KCC shared network drive and other assigned functions to assist the COR, A/COR and GTMs. Establishes methodologies to track incoming work and throughput and prepares briefing material to show any changes in inputs and outputs.
• Assists with implementation and maintenance of incentive/disincentive program with prime labor contractor.
• Maintain confidentiality of information and insight obtained while performing job duties. Will require signing and adhering to Non-Disclosure Agreement throughout the VSS support contract lifecycle.

Education / Experience Required: 

• Bachelor’s Degree (advanced degree preferred), and/or;
• Three (3) years of experience monitoring federal government contracts or direct knowledge and understanding of consular contracts, regulations
• Three (3) years of written and oral communications in an office environment related to visa work, including;
• Three (3) years of policy development, international relations, intelligence community, legal, and/or foreign service,;
• Proficient utilizing a variety of office software, specifically: MS Word, MS Power Point, MS SharePoint, MS Excel, and MS Outlook

To apply, send your resume to Please include the position title in the subject line.
Quality Support, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer.
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