Visa Assistant - Washington, DC

Washington, DC
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Cindy Seidel
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Security Clearance Required: 
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Full Time

Quality Support, Inc. is seeking a Visa Assistant to work for our Government Client in Downtown, Washington, DC.  Successful Candidates must possess an ACTIVE Secret Clearance to be considered for this position. 



  • Analyze and independently route official correspondence to action points within the Visa Office and to certain areas of the Department.  This material, which includes operations memoranda, Diplomatic Notes, reports, statistics, telegrams, letters and FOIA requests, is primarily concerned with immigration matter
  • Independently classify subject-file material after review of the contents and determine the proper codification symbols identified with the subject matter.  This material is highly technical and complex and frequently requires a determination relating to statute.
  • Subject Matter Expert for activities involving the Visa Information, Control, Tracking and Reporting System (VICTARS), including answering questions relating to subject and name classification
  • Determine and certify the existence or non-existence of a record by conducting extensive research discovery, i.e., following all leads, references and available sources, and communicating the results either orally, or by writing on the document in question the appropriate notations, initials, and date, and attaching all related correspondence 
  • Appropriately assign, transfer, and check-in files generated by VICTARS.
  • Furnish information on files to VO personnel, other areas of the Department and other agencies 
  • Perform research of subject-file or the Visa Information, Control, Tracking and Reporting Systems (VICTARS) for previous or related information.  Attaches current correspondence to previous folder and determines proper office for action.  If there is no previous folder in connection with a subject file request, prepares appropriate file folder as instructed, and charge-out card with name, date, initials, and action office. 
  • Sort, distribute, and file cable traffic.
  • Perform searching and filing functions, file and/or retrieve application packages from file cabinets, box and archive files for storage purposes. 
  • Interface with visa applicants or couriers at VO Diplomatic Reception Desk.  Perform data entry. 
  • Review visa application, photograph, identification and supporting documentation for completeness. 
  • Ensure the application and documents comply with visa requirements, photograph meets requirements, and customer is provided fee information if required. 
  • Copy customer identification. 
  • At the Diplomatic Reception Desk, distribute visa and passports to the correct applicant, comparing customer to passport image or accepting proper documents and identification for third party pick up.    
  • Print and affix visas onto applicant’s passport after Government adjudication. 
  • Receive telephone inquiries and visitors requesting subject or cable-file research, which could affect an individual’s eligibility to qualify for a visa. 
  • Perform data entry, review visa product against data system information for completeness and accuracy constantly applying laws, regulations and procedures pertaining to the issuance of a U.S. visa or waiver.
  • Use proprietary consular systems and determine quality and correctness of prepared visas, maintain issued applications in an orderly and traceable fashion, accurately scan images and documents into DOS data systems.
  • Troubleshoot information retrieved from the computer screen and manually searching to locate applications and documents within the diplomatic visa process. Update text in appropriate NIV screen. 
  • Update visa application information from the computer system. 
  • Assist with training: prepare training materials and packets, photocopy, conduct “meet-and-greets,” set-up training sessions or seminars, conduct office tours, etc.
  • Enter information into various databases, including, but not limited to customer (i.e. UPS) addresses, accountable supplies.
  • Perform data entry, print, scan, laminate, bind, fax, mail packing, seal and tape envelopes and boxes after verifying that contents are correct as requested. 
  • Ensure submitted applications have appropriate supporting documentation; perform preliminary review to ensure the 212(e) waiver policies and procedures meet the requirement of the Department and conform to Waiver Review Division regulations, policies and procedures. 
  • Process all official visas for the accredited Foreign Missions to the United Nations (UN), UN Secretariat and its related Funds and Programs; assure the daily visa application intake and visa and passport pass back; communicates with foreign missions and the UN via telephone and email pertaining to visa cases and policies. 
  • Process all official visas for accredited Foreign Missions in the United States, including but not limited to collecting, data entering, reviewing, printing, and maintaining all documentation relevant to the NIV process including security checks; generating all correspondence; initiating all SAO cables; maintaining close contact with USCIS for all requests for Change of Status ensuring all security background checks are conducted prior to processing.
  • Relieve other Visa Assistants and Administrative Assistants at lunch/breaks to answer administrative telephones. Handle any incoming phone calls, emails or written correspondence.
Education / Experience Required: 
  • Bachelor’s degree, and;
  • Three (3) years of general office experience, including;
  • Two (2) years of experience utilizing a variety of office software, specifically: MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel, MS SharePoint, and MS Outlook.
  • The Government may allow the following qualifications substitutions for this position:  four (4) years of additional general office or administrative experience may be substituted for a BS/BA degree.
To apply, send your resume to Please include the position title in the subject line.
Quality Support, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer.
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