Consultant/Research Assistant - (SOCPAC) - HI - *Contingent*

The U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Special Operations Forces Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (SOF AT&L) is responsible for all USSOCOM research, development, acquisition, procurement, and logistics. SOF AT&L works with Government, academia, and industry in meeting its mission to provide rapid and focused acquisition, technology, and logistics support to Warfighters, delivering the most effective capabilities to our Special Operations Forces. Special Operations Command, Central employs Special Operations capabilities in partnership with US government agencies, regional security forces, and CENTCOM component forces to enable and support the goals and objectives of US Central Command. Special Operations Command - Pacific (SOCPAC) is a Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) charged with providing special operations support and oversight within the Pacific Command (PACOM) Area of Responsibility (AOR)

QSI is working with our strategic partner to provide contractor support personnel (upon contract award) to assist SOF AT&L, SOCCENT, and SOCPAC to achieve and maintain financial improvement and audit readiness.  The contractor shall support SOF AT&L, SOCPAC and affiliated component units, Governmental organizations and partner nation forces supporting the Special Operations Forces missions.  Subject Matter Expert (SME) FTEs shall provide expert advice, analyses, and assistance in carrying out responsibilities and all actions required to support Financial Improvement Audit Readiness (FIAR).

Successful Candidate must possess an Active Secret DoD Security Clearance.  

SOCPAC - Hawaii
Level/Salary Range
Mid to Senior
HR Contact
Cindy Seidel
Job Category
Security Clearance Required
Position Type
Full Time
  1. Ensure that a systemic process is in place and identify obstacles for achieving auditable financial statements for all COMSOCPAC funds
  2. Assist in using the FIAR Methodology to facilitate the establishment of controls and implementation of process improvements and recommendations for solutions in areas where audit readiness is not currently achievable
  3. Identify and document financial processes focusing on processes, controls and systems that report budgetary information
  4. Provide business process narratives and flowcharts to provide a description of how personnel perform a specific business process, the risks the process poses and the controls required to mitigate the risks within the following segments: Civilian Pay (CIVPAY), Transportation of People (TOP), Contract Vendor Pay, Transportation of Things (TOT), Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP), Funds Receipt and Distribution, Reimbursable Work Orders (RWO), Asset Management, G-Invoicing, Sensitive Activities, Deployed Paying Agent, and General Terms and Conditions (GT&C).
  5. Where deficiencies exist, assist the SOJ08 Comptroller office to write Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) for implementation. Educate SOCPAC personnel on implementation of CAPs.
  6. Provide substantiating documentation in response to USSOCOM/INDOPACOM audit samples and work with the SOJ08 and respective Directorate OPRs to ensure 100% of suspense(s) are met.
  7. Facilitate response to and document all OSD/USSOCOM/INDOPACOM taskers and data calls as related to FIAR.
  8. Facilitate development and provide FIAR briefings and updates to SOCPAC leadership bi-monthly.
  9. Provide audit expertise and guidance to J08 and Directorate OPRs and support management of SOCPAC FIAR portal sites.
  10. Facilitate implementation of new OSD, Navy, and SOCOM policies to support FIAR compliance, to include documenting processes and procedures.
  11. Complete internal testing of all segments to ensure compliance.
  12. Provide quarterly inspections and internal audits of all SOJ08 MICP and IG compliance procedures to ensure they are managed efficiently and effectively, discharged with integrity and comply with applicable laws and regulations to minimize the potential for fraud, waste, and mismanagement.
  13. Provide Financial Improvement expertise for corrective actions, efficiencies, best practices, and detailed analysis of COMSOCPAC funded initiatives specifically but not limited to PAT Program, OPEP Programs, and JTF-IP policy and procedures within the organization.  Perform and coordinate continuing program execution review and analysis and advise the SOJ08 Comptroller on suggestions for support programs.
  14. Provide interpretive and analytical advice on COMSOCPAC funded initiatives, financial transactions, and program execution; develop format and content to provide various listings, reports, and data relative to status of funds and the propriety of obligations; ensure the financial integrity, timeliness, accuracy and validity of supporting managerial accounting, budget execution, and financial management reports derived from Standard, Accounting, Budgeting and Reporting System (SABRS) and SABRS Management Analytical Retrieval Tool System (SMARTS).
  15. Assist with budget cycle support, prepare analyses, and other input necessary to address budget-related questions; interpret budget directives; and monitor, compile, compare and analyze programs.
  16. Provide training/ standard operating procedures (SOPs) existing or emerging to implement internal control modifications and SABRS/SMARTS/DAI/CFMS guidance that will enhance the lifecycle of each COMSOCPAC transaction.
  17. Conduct a quarterly Post-TAR audit and develop and implement solutions to findings identified during the audit, monitoring and validation of correction actions and on-site logistics and liaison support to assist in meeting audit requirements.
  18. Provide the following as depicted below to the SOJ08 Comptroller office and the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR):
    1. FIAR Information Papers (IP)/Talking Points (TPs). Bi-monthly
    2. FIAR Slides (PPTs). Monthly
    3. FIAR instruction/education to SOCPAC Directorate OPRs. Monthly
    4. EXSUM. Weekly
  19. Travel may be required up to six times per year
Education / Experience Required


  • Bachelor’s Degree in one of the following disciplines:
    • Logistics or SCM, or
    • Accounting or Finance, or
    • Business Management or Business Administration, or
    • Information Technology

**Note:  The Contractor shall ensure a minimum of one person on the contractor team at each location has a degree in each disciple.

**Note:  Transcripts shall be made available to the Government upon request.


  • 3 years of experience with DoD or other federal agency in in their respective discipline
  • Combined years of experience shall include:
    • Audit readiness requirements for DoD
    • Tying materiel management elements to the financial statements
    • Evaluating program deficiencies and preparing briefings for senior DoD leadership to address solutions
    • Justifying policy change, systems acquisition, or budget justification
    • Government Contracting, including using Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), Contract Closeout procedures, preparing contract modifications in SPS/PD2, and researching/coordinating financial and contractual information
    • DAWIA certifications appropriate to years of experience


An Active DoD Secret Security Clearance is required.