Management Analyst II - Williamsburg, KY *UPDATED*

QSI is seeking a Management Analyst II to work at our client site - VO/DO/KCC  in Williamsburg, Kentucky.  KCC administers the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery program, processes nonimmigrant visa petitions and manages the Petition Information Management Service (PIMS), and conducts facial recognition reviews on nonimmigrant visa, immigrant visa, and passport applicants. KCC's fraud prevention unit provides pre-adjudication screening of certain employment based nonimmigrant visas and all Summer Work Travel program work placements and processes NIV petition revocation requests. Posts can request additional research on NIV petitioners, request NIV-related FDNS site visits, and report H1B labor violations. KCC's VO support functions include archiving Category One refusal files for online retrieval and serving as a transshipment office for DS/OF-156 applications. The Candidate will track and, as needed, assist in training(s) for contractor and direct-hire staff.  The position requires someone with excellent customer service skills.  The position also requires strong, clear oral and written communication skills to provide accurate and appropriate descriptions of gaps in contract requirements and service delivery, production outcomes, and other quality-control related outcomes. 

Williamsburg, KY
Level/Salary Range
Mid to Senior/Negotiable
HR Contact
Cindy Seidel
Job Category
Security Clearance Required
Position Type
Full Time

In coordination with the CA/VO/DO/KCC direct-hire staff, Management Analyst overall responsibilities include:

This position will be tasked in assisting with contract management with a focus on training coordination.

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of the organization in order to assess CA/VO/DO/KCC training needs and evaluation for success and provide recommendations for improvements to training.
  • Conduct CA/VO/DO/KCC wide needs assessment and identify applicable knowledge and/or skills gaps that need to be addressed.  Assist in analyzing, evaluating, and schedule planning, for a wide range of training programs to support the professional development of the organization's production, technical, administrative and executive staff. 
  • Proven ability to complete full training cycle through needs assessment, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation.
  • Assists the government with identifying actual and potential conflicts in contract requirements and provide recommendations for remedy.
  • Participate in relevant management meetings and workgroups to support objectives.
  • Facilitates Quarterly Quality Reviews (QQRs) and other formal quality-related reviews.
  • Develops and maintains KCC procedures for quality assurance, inspection throughout the VSS support contract lifecycle.
  • Coordinates ongoing internal primary contractor contract evaluations.
  • Collaborate with the primary contractor and GTMs in the development, implementation and oversight of centralized contract tracking and reporting on all training and quality assurance activities and findings.
  • Identify and document contracting issues and develop contract improvement initiatives
  • Gather and analyze information for recommendations to senior management on all aspects and issues of CA/VO/DO/KCC training.
  • Maintain knowledge of the pertinent laws, rules, regulations, polices and precedents which affect the training program, particularly for contractors, and related support resources.

General Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Continually evaluate, in cooperation with the main contractor and other stakeholders, the professional and technical skills KCC staff needs to effectively and efficiently advance Consular Affairs Bureau goals. 
  • Create, oversee the delivery of, track participation in, and monitor the effectiveness of comprehensive training programs for KCC’s 400+ contract and direct hire staff.   Work collaboratively with various training portfolio holders to develop, improve, and monitor the effectiveness of unit-specific training programs.  
  • Coordinate with trainers to develop lesson plans and curricula, set learning objectives, improve presentation skills to maximize delivery effectiveness, and evaluate the effectiveness of the training modules they deliver.
  • Develop and deliver certain training courses.
  • Ensure the timely delivery of any Department-required training, monitor and report on participation, and coordinate training-related logistics for contractors and direct-hire staff.

Onboarding/Orientation for New Employees include but are not limited to:

  • Review, update, clear, publish and deliver Introduction of State and Information Site Security presentations and briefing materials. 
  • Work with training portfolio holders and unit managers to update onboarding materials to include SharePoint site, presentations, and handouts.

Training Coordination and Monitoring include but are not limited to:

  • Assist any individual training portfolio holders in planning, developing, maintaining, implementing, and evaluating existing and new training programs across all units within CA/VO/DO/KCC.
  • Act as a training liaison with other visa-related DOS offices.
  • Effectively market all available training opportunities to employees across CA/VO/DO/KCC.
  • Train any new analyst regarding all of the above, as assigned. 

Contractor Training

  • Maintain up-to-date list of contractors with training required/ training taken, including one-time courses and courses which must be renewed annually. 

Direct Hire Training

  • In collaboration with the VO/DO Special Projects Coordinator, manage VO subject matter presenters for FSI course to which we contribute.  Support Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as requested on PowerPoint development, producing handouts, etc. 
  • Effectively and professionally respond to phone calls, written communications, and electronic communications. 
  • Participate in meetings, conference calls and digital video conferences with DOS and other U.S. Government agencies.   
  • Provide support to other projects or tasks as required.

Contract Management Analyst requires the incumbent to:

  • Maintain a current collection of internal and external training resources.  Prepare training reports and individual training records. 
  • Coordinate, reserve, and evaluate external training programs and/or conferences.
  • Conduct training needs assessments and respond to training requests identified by managers.  Determine staff skill levels and training needs using various methods:  review of quality assurance data, needs assessment surveys, participant course evaluations, employee feedback, and management feedback.
  • Prepare and create audio visual materials, manuals, handbooks, job aids, and other training materials as needed.
  • Identify and organize speakers or presenters if necessary.
  • Analyze participation response, develop findings and make recommendations.  Plan and conduct validity and reliability studies to detect trends or weak areas to make recommendations for necessary changes in training programs.
  • Coordinate and develop training packages.
  • Provide updates and refresher training as program, regulatory or policy changes are implemented.
  • Promote innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Prepare training certificates or Certificates of Attendance for those that attend training classes.
  • Participate in meetings, conference calls and digital video conferences as required with overseas posts, VO, State, and other U.S. Government agencies.  Provide formal and informal briefings.
  • Develop a mechanism to track employee training needs by individuals.
  • In coordination with VO/DO, respond to requests for VO subject matter expert speakers for courses at FSI or other locations.
  • Consult on training as necessary or when directed.
  • Collaborate with the primary contractor and GTMs in the development, implementation and oversight of centralized contract training tracking and reporting on all training activities and findings.
  • Participate in relevant management meetings and workgroups to support objectives.
  • Develops and maintains procedures for training throughout the VSS support contract lifecycle.
  • Develop and implement training records management program for filing, protection, and retrieval of records, and training compliance with programs throughout the VSS support contract lifecycle.
  • Coordinates ongoing internal primary contractor training evaluations.
  • Conducts training assessments via on site and desk review processes.
  • Establishes training monitoring plans, performs training monitoring, and tracks the progress of training and corrections/issue resolution.
  • Provides support and technical assistance to the COR, GTMs and other USG staff with the primary contractor related to training responsibilities.
  • Reports on the primary contractor contract training information and contract lifecycle activities.
  • Assists with maintenance of contract COR Working files on the NVC and KCC shared network drive and other assigned functions to assist the COR, A/COR and GTMs. Establishes methodologies to track incoming work and throughput and prepares briefing material to show any changes in inputs and outputs.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information and insight obtained while performing job duties.  Will require signing and adhering to Non-Disclosure Agreement throughout the VSS support contract lifecycle.
  • Other duties as assigned.



Education / Experience Required
  • Bachelor’s Degree (advanced degree preferred), and/or;
  • Six (6) years of experience that demonstrates accomplishment of training project assignments that require a wide range of training and computer requirements and techniques.  Such experience may include analyzing training-related technology, conducting studies to determine training requirements, teaching, supervising or administrating a training program, development or review of training materials or work that required training or instructing others on a regular basis, including: 
  • Five (5) years of experience utilizing a variety of office software, specifically:  MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel, MS SharePoint, and MS Outlook. 
  • Experience in a field that represents detailed expectations listed for this position (management (leadership), development (training) type roles. 
  • Additional Experience: recommended but not required:  Extensive knowledge of Instructional Design (ID) practices and implementation.  General experience in traditional and modern job training methods and techniques.
  • General experience with Visa operations is recommended but not required.