Sr Manpower Operations Analyst (SMOA) (SOCOM) - MacDill - *Contingent*

The Directorate of Operations (J3) provides fully capable Special Operations Forces (SOF) to defend the U.S. and its interests and synchronizes planning of global operations against terrorist networks. The J3 also provides the management of SOF, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) SOF, and Interagency (IA) partners designated to support Overseas Contingency Operations with operational planning to support indirect lines of operation with the most operationally relevant and accessible information. Joint Collective Training (J3-JCT) has the responsibility for planning, designing, coordinating, synchronizing and executing collective training and exercises across the USSOCOM Enterprise (including Sub-Unified Commands, Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOCs) and Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), SOF Component Commands, Special Operations Joint Task Forces (SOJTFs), and SOF Battle Staffs). J3-JCT ensures US Special Operations Forces (SOF) are trained and ready to support Geographic Combatant Commanders (GCC) through unified action to execute the full range of SOF core activities and operations. J3-JCT facilitates the interdependence, integration, and interoperability (I3) among SOF, Conventional Forces (CF), Interagency (IA), and Partner Nations (PN) forces through exercises.

QSI is working with our strategic partner to provide contractor Subject Matter Experts (SME) (upon contract award) to augment manpower for J3 activities across all organizational functions.

This position requires an Active TS/SCI DoD Security Clearance.

MacDill AFB, Florida
Level/Salary Range
Senior Level- Negotiable
HR Contact
Cindy Seidel
Job Category
Security Clearance Required
Position Type
Full Time

Contractor personnel shall be responsible for tasks such as:

  1. Coordinate with government Joint Directorate (J-codes), Joint Reserve Office and other special staffs, Division and Branch managers to assist and advise in developing position descriptions, supporting documentation, and other HR issues.
  2. Independently analyze and research requirements to draft, coordinate, submit, and process position descriptions for new positions (to include civilian core personnel document classification) and to replace those that have become outdated, or do not relate to the positions that have been realigned both internal to the Directorate and from external sources whether from mission changes or reductions, and/or are specifically required to backfill a vacancy.
  3. Develop the J3 civilian CPD requirements process either using a derivative of what is already included in the Enterprise Workflow Management System (EWMS) or revamping the process totally. Includes coordination, collaboration, and implementation working together with the SOCOM Command Process Improvement Team, J6, J3 Divisions, SOFM (for coordination on the local coordination sheet), SJS Pubs and Forms Management, J1 strength management and the civilian personnel branch. Coordination and collaboration will result in recommendations on revisions and courses of action to establish better business practices that will be adapted to the needs and requirements of J3. These include but are not limited to tracking terminal employee extensions, processing Form 14s for recruit/hire.
  4. Design, plan, and analyze manpower statistics, studies and reviews; advise J3 senior leaders on decisions regarding manpower; provide liaison between J3 and J1 to gain, re-code, re-align, or re-purpose billets. Provide liaison between Directorate program managers and J8 to develop new positions through the Program Objective Memorandum (POM) process.
  5. Serve as J3 point of contact for processing military, civilian, and contracting personnel, ensuring that the personnel meet USSOCOM and J3 requirements, to include acquiring the appropriate security level access badge with the Special Security Office (SSO).
  6. Coordinate personnel tracking for the Directorate (including deployments), providing an interface between J1, and the J3 leadership.
  7. Create and run queries and provide curriculum and training to provide reports using Department of Defense Service based manpower systems, i.e., Fourth Estate Manpower Tracking System, Defense Ready, including but not limited to manpower laydowns, personnel deployments and realignments, vacancy and excess personnel, fill / vacancy percentages, inbound / loss dates, evaluation and award tracking / projections.
  8. Prepare executive-level briefings relating to authorized manpower and project numbers for current and upcoming civilian and military manpower allocations (i.e., personnel lay-down).
  9. Provide specific billet coding information through J3 government manpower analyst to J1 to update the Unit Manning Document, the Joint Table of Distribution, the Joint Table of Mobilized Distribution (i.e., updates to Joint Staff during the Fall and Spring Cycles).
  10. Analyze infrastructure / HR business issues; apply lean processes and develop proposed enhancements or problem solutions to manpower analysis and organization structure to make personnel transfer and workload reallocation recommendations to J3 senior leaders.
  11. Establish the methodology and set up the Joint Duty Assignment List validation and re-validation process, to include setting up various review boards and training the members of the boards to understand the JDAL process (i.e., the definition of joint and lessons learned from past JDAL drills), and presenting the final product to the 2-star Director for approval prior to forwarding the final JDAL Access Database to J1 for their submission to the Joint Operations Management (JOM).
  12. Provide expert advice to the planning, coordinating and execution of joint personnel programs, individual mobilization augmentee programs, and Reserve and National Guard mobilization processes, such as Man Day Reserve Working Group Coordination, Contingency Operations for Active Duty for Operational Support (CO- ADOS), Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW), etc.
  13. Coordinate requirements and fills for Reserve programs, including, but not limited to, Contingency Operations - Active Duty Operational Support, Active Duty Operational Support - Reserve Component, Man-day Reserve positions, etc.
  14. Coordinate Reserve personnel readiness, evaluations and trainings, and applications for alignment into billets on the JTMD and duty tours within the Directorate.
  15. Provide alternate reporting methodologies to meet the Reserve data call spring deadline, the April FMTS automatic updates, and the Change Manpower Program (CMP) update cycle to Joint Staff (When due).
  16. Brief the J3 Leadership on specific manpower related issues, such as Reserve manpower- requirements, selection of an executive officer from a list of applicable candidates, the Directorate O6 laydown, etc., which involves research of their skills and capabilities, job history, and retainability via their Officer Review Briefs and military evaluations.
  17. As the J3 representative, facilitate editing and publishing of USSOCOM regulations and policies to include but not limited to the USSOCOM Organization and Functions (O&F) Manual (USSOCOM M10-1) based on all J3 organizational and re-organizational requirements. Establish a troop to task prioritization in accordance with the O&F Manual. Develop slides for the J3 Directorate Leadership to brief the VCDRUSSOCOM on potential changes to the J3 mission.
  18. Develop electronic methodologies & processes that include routing wherever possible for manpower/personnel actions, as well as libraries for storage in order to establish self-help sites for the Division Deputy Chiefs, enabling their self-sufficiency in processes deemed supportable, including, but not limited to, the civilian CPD and military/civilian 121 process, USSOCOM M10-1 and R25-60, 1-n troop to task, the security indoc process. These methodologies will include collaborating with the J3 knowledge management team, establishing flow charts or other mechanisms to gain buy-in, as well as establishing tracking mechanisms wherever possible. Where possible, these methodologies will be accessible by the Deputy Director for his cognizance and decision-making. Where it is necessary to implement a process that is not readily/easily acceptable, will engage the government manpower analyst and the Deputy Director.
  19. Respond to TMT taskers relating to Manpower and Personnel; recommend courses of action to government manpower analyst and Deputy Director.


Education / Experience Required
  • Master's degree from an accredited university in any field or a Bachelor’s Degree with 20 years of Military experience. Minimum of 10 years’ current experience applying analytical skills and expertise to improve human resources services, and to formulate, justify and defend manpower POM submissions; includes expert knowledge and understanding of manpower resourcing, POM programming and the Special Operations Command Requirements Board (SOCREB) processes to ensure capability gap measures via temporary or permanent manpower resources.
  • Minimum of 10 years' experience in manpower/personnel related field as military or contractor providing HR support using human resources information systems, MS Office software applications. Prefer Joint environment experience with expertise in SOF structure.
  • Minimum 5 years of building and restructuring GCC/COCOM organizations for CONUS and OCONUS operations, preferably supporting USSOCOM and Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) reorganizations.
  • 10 years' current proficiency in developing, analyzing, and presenting to GO/FO-level leadership an executive-level analysis of manning shortfalls and capability gaps based on reports using a manpower tracking system, i.e., Defense Ready, SOCOM Personnel Enterprise Database (SOCPED), Electronic Joint Manpower and Personnel System (eJMAPS), Fourth Estate Manpower Tracking System (FMTS), etc.
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience managing personnel programs and strength management, and working Human Resources and Administrative or Knowledge Management issues at Interagency, GCC/COCOM, a Service headquarters, or a combatant command headquarters (4-Star military HQ) as military or contractor, aligning Service Unit Manning Documents (UMD), Unit Manpower Personnel Records (UMPR), and other Service-specific personnel alignment documents to the Joint Table of Distribution (JTD) and the Joint Table of Mobilized Distribution (JTMD) to achieve priority fills.
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience using communication skills, both written and oral, to include interacting with executive-level decision makers and preparing detailed, Strategic-level products relevant for senior (GO-/FO-/SES-level) decision making use, and the ability to communicate at all levels.
  • Minimum 10 years of senior level expertise utilizing DoD and Service manpower directives, regulations, instructions, policies, and orders to identify capability gaps and provide senior leadership with appropriate methodologies to resource the gaps.
  • Minimum 10-years' current experience with and training in the development and submittal of Joint Duty Assignment List (JDAL) validation and/or revalidation to J1- equivalent organizations is mandatory.

Top Secret Clearance; SCI eligible on day one of performance.