National Endowment for the Arts

Information Management Division (IMD)
Administrative and Database Management Services in Support of the NEA Grants Program
March 1992 – January 1994

Quality Support, Inc. provided on-site database management, administrative, and data entry support in a PC-based and mainframe environment. We assisted NEA in the receipt, ADP entry, tracking, and reporting of all Grants received at NEA and processed by the IMD. Quality Support maintained the on-site Automated Panel Bank System to support various NEA grants processing, reporting, and grants management requirements.

Research and Administrative Management Contract in Support of NEA Grants Program
June - August 1993

Quality Support, Inc. researched thousands of NEA Grant records to verify and/or correct the Congressional District associated with each grant award. Using a variety of ADP and research tools, and contact with state and federal staff members we ensured information on file at NEA was consistent with the new Congressional District boundaries brought about by the 1990 Census and effective with the 103rd Congress.