Perfection and Precision in All Project Performance

Quality Support provides a distinctive array of program management, communications, meeting and conference support, and other technical support services for short and long term projects. We have earned a reputation for excellence, serving a diversified client base that includes federal agencies, commercial enterprises, prime contractors, trade associations, and the military worldwide. Our ownership, management and staff have a unified mission to provide quality support in a cost-effective fashion.

Our Competitive Advantages

With budgets and schedules tighter than ever, the need for exceptionally talented personnel has dramatically increased. Quality Support meets these needs with our team, and enjoys numerous competitive and technical advantages, which include:

  • Support in a broad array of NAICS codes, which, in combination with our federal and commercial experience, enables us to offer single-source, integrated, cost effective and synergistic solutions.
  • Our commitment and action plan for sustainability and “going green”.
  • Our low personnel turnover rates ensure contract continuity and smoothness.
  • Our management has the skill, demeanor, and proven success record to both develop long term relationships with our clients, and develop an understanding of their fundamental imperatives.
  • Our experience as a prime contractor enables us to team with companies that need a capable contract management team.
  • SDVOSB small business to help perform federal contracts with disabled-veteran involvement.
  • The technical, management, and administrative capabilities of our employees are assured through our Best Candidate screening system and ongoing team building initiatives.
  • A vast network of talented and diverse consultants assures our clients of the subject matter expertise and qualifications to fit their needs.
  • An exceptionally strong financial base enables us to be responsive to market shifts, work surges, employee training and to our clients.
  • Our ongoing internal training programs assure continuing competence in a continually changing environment and mentoring processes.

Quality Assurance Program

We consistently monitor employee performance and morale, and make rewards or take corrective actions to meet our high standards of excellence. We are responsive to our clients, and our project managers' hands are on the pulse of the contracts. We are collaborative, adaptive and continually gauge the success of our programs through onsite assessments, and provide required performance and productivity reports in a timely manner. Our performance is congruent with our promises, producing high quality results, on time, and within budgets.

Our Corporate Environment

Our “green” environment attracts long term employees who can actualize themselves within the organization. We offer highly competitive wages and benefits, an employee recognition program, an efficient direct deposit program, and streamlined payroll procedures. We care for our employees' welfare, communicate clearly and openly, and are highly responsive. At the same time, we hold employees responsible for their conduct and performance. The effect is that we retain quality people - our turnover rate is exceedingly low.

Continuing Competence

In a continually changing environment, we realize that our employees need to acquire new skills and expertise. Our employees attend the latest educational seminars and symposiums to assure not only increased skills, but also professional growth and self-actualization. In this way, they develop the expertise and growth to effectively support our clients in an increasingly complex environment.

Community Involvement

We also believe in giving to our community. We sponsor a number of programs that support our local community. We sponsor a number of national programs that give back to both the local community and to those in need across the country.

Documented Cost Containment

Our rates are consistent, justified and exceedingly fair. Our indirect rates have been reviewed by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), and our corporate job-cost financial accounting system has been approved by the DCAA.

Experience By Organization