Unisys Corporation

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Analysis and System Engineering
July 2009 – November 2010

The contract required preparation of Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports that were used to gauge Unisys management over TSA’ critical systems as stipulated by contract under the Performance Management and Incentive Plan (PMIP). The timely gathering and analysis of data from various sources was critical in the preparation of the reports. Also, the project team showed an understanding of the critical systems as well as completed successful communication with system owners and engineers regarding questions or issues related to the data gathered. Provided technical support to the TSA Contact Center utilizing the Interaction Intelligence (I3) platform; configured workstations and installed software for use with the I3 platform; analyzed and resolved user issues or problems using the system; managed and maintained the I3 servers and sub-systems and returned critical systems back to service with minimum down time. Managed and maintained TSA servers and sub-systems using Remote Desktop Assistance, Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC) and computer management; monitored government servers, switches, and routers for alerts (generated by NETIQ) and took appropriate action to resolve issues before they adversely affected systems and users. Conducted weekly server “walkthroughs” to check for messages and/or errors displayed indicating possible problems. Compressed security logs on all the domain controllers at TSA headquarters and at all TSA airport locations on a regular basis in order to free up space on the domain controllers. Established group accounts and granted permissions to TSA employees and IT Points of Contacts (IT POCs) and added computers and printers to the TSA domains and granted the proper permissions for the accounts following TSA approved procedures; created home drives and set quota limits; increased mailbox storage space, created and managed users’ email, vpn and Blackberry accounts. Provided second and third level technical support to the TSA Helpdesk, government employees, and IT POCs with issues related to WorldCom (MCI) dial-up, Nortel VPN accounts, Microsoft Outlook, Blackberry, and user’s email accounts; use Peregrine (Unisys) ticketing system to document and tract users and system issues and resolutions.

Subcontract in support of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
TSA Command Information Center Management
July – November 2009

As a subcontractor to UNISYS Corporation in support of TSA, we assisted in the management of the TSA Command Information Center (CIC), to include: help desk support, user account creation including assignment of user names and passwords, network support, and other information systems support services. Procesed user agreement forms, ensured proper loading of client software, and supervised overall functioning of VPN help desk operations.