U.S. Air Force

Secretary of the Air Force (USAF)
Classified Executive Level Administrative Support Services
January 2005 – September 2010

Quality Support Inc. provided daily on-site classified executive and administrative support services to the Secretary of the Air Force, Finance Management and Budget Office, located in the Pentagon. Our responsibilities on this contract included tracking grant budgets, preparing material for SAF/FMB reports, such as annual budget reports, inputted data into the Fiscal Year Database, reports preparation, and coordinating and conducted executive-level meetings and conferences support services. We provided task tracking services; administrative coverage in support of designated staff; management of Directors’ schedules and calendars; administrative operational support; word processing; visitor reception and escorting; front desk services; mail processing and information distribution; reproduction services; telephone coverage and reception duties; fax processing and distribution; support of SAF/FMB supply and equipment needs; typing; proofreading; preparation of letters and other correspondence, forms, staff summary sheets, memoranda, award write-ups, performance appraisals, staff packages, presentations, speeches, and other documents. We provided file management support; monitoring of workflow and tracking of high-level and routine suspense action items; destruction of classified material; maintainance of computers, printers, and other equipment; process travel arrangements; functioned as facility coordinator for SAF/FMB, and performed other duties required by the contract.

Secretary of the Air Force (USAF)
Workforce Management for Directorate and Executive Services
September 2009 – March 2011 (Original Contract started in July 2006)

Quality Support, Inc.’s high level security cleared personnel provides Administrative Executive support to several SAF/FM offices and staff. This includes developing efficient and effective processes and procedures in performance of a myriad of administrative services. Our staff liaises with Major Commands (MAJCOMs), Air Force (AF), the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), and other government department offices. Tasks associated are in support of the President’s Management Agenda and SAF/FM Strategic Goals and Initiatives. They include the use of multiple office automation software with varied functions to produce a wide range of documents that often require formatting, with graphics, tables, editing and reformatting electronic drafts, creating and updating or revising databases or spreadsheets. Our personnel independently plan and perform duties requiring different approaches and methods from one assignment to another. Additionally, our staff serve as Security Assistants and verify personnel clearances utilizing the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), compose visit and badge requests, and overall assist the Security Manager. We also support SAF/FME and SAF/FMPW in providing mid to high-level support to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management and the Comptroller and associated staff of approximately 300 people.

United States Air Force, Headquarters
Vice Chief of Staff: Directorate of Executive Support
Classified Executive Level Administrative Support Services
July 2005 – July 2006

Quality Support, Inc. provided senior-level Executive Officers, Executives, Executive Assistants, and Information Security Management in direct support of Headquarters USAF, Vice Chief of Staff, (HQ USAF/CV), Directorate of Executive Support, DCS/Air and Space Operations (A5), Headquarters, USAF Directorate of Operational Capability Requirements, Headquarters (A5R), USAF Directorate of Operational Plans and Joint Matters (A5X), Deputy Director for ConOps Champions (A5X ConOps), and the HQ USAF Chief of Staff of Air Force Executive Action Group. Our services were provided in extremely high-level, critical, and classified environments. Quality Support’s Executive Staff Support Officer (A3/5E) acted on A5’s behalf to orchestrate and implement the Directors’ workloads and taskings. A3/5E is the single point manager for staff actions across the entire AF/A5 Directorate and Air Staff. Quality Support provided a variety of executive and high-level support services to various organizations within the A5 organization. Our staff conducted quick look reviews of recommendations and proposals presented to such high-level General Officers as the AF/CV (4-Star) and the Director of A5R (2-Star General). We acted as a point of contact to Air Staff Offices when access and information was required to support tasks directed by the AF/CV. We performed as Executive Officers in place of an active duty military officer when assigned. Our staff provided corporate Air Staff knowledge to the members of AF/CV’s staff and other staffs, promoting quick and accurate decisions. Our Executive Officers ensured that all information required by the USAF Chief of Staff, and related offices, for TDY was requested, collated, and packaged into trip books for review prior to departure. Our Executive Officers coordinated construction and repair projects and developed programs; processed all staff packages and correspondence daily and maintained an office tracking log for actions taken by senior AF/CV and A5R staff; and assisted office members during visits of general/flag officers and senior civilians from USAF and other Services. Quality Support provided executive administrative support at the senior, mid, and junior levels, including management and oversight of staff taskings and workload distribution; editing and formatting for presentation; maintaining quality control for all written staff products; worked with military Executive Officers to ensure all Directorate staff support requirements were accomplished; authored executive correspondence, and managed Directorate programs such as Quarterly/Annual Awards Programs, the Augmentation Duty Program, the Directorate Fitness Program, the Newcomer Orientation Briefing Program, and the Combined Federal Campaign. We also provided security duties on behalf of A5X ConOps and other offices, which included preparation of requests for clearances for incoming USAF and civilian personnel; maintaining security access lists; processing visit requests; preparation of memos and correspondences associated with security clearances; scheduling and performing classified destruction runs; conducting security briefings and debriefings; preparing and updating SF86s; Personnel Security Questionnaires for Directorate or other office personnel; and preparing security paperwork necessary for building access and badges.

United States Air Force, Headquarters
The 60th Commemoration Anniversary Task Force, Program Management Team
2007 USAF Global Air Chiefs Conference
April 2007 – December 2007

Under the guidance of the Headquarters United States Air Force 60th Anniversary committee, Quality Support, Inc. provided comprehensive management, senior protocol and subject matter expertise, and related event and conference support expertise and services to assist in the planning and execution of the 2007 USAF Global Air Chiefs Conference (2007 GACC) and related events. The 60th Commemoration Anniversary Task Force, HQ AF/CVAT Program Management Team was established by the USAF Assistant Vice Chief of Staff to research, plan, coordinate and execute activities in support of the Air Force 60th Anniversary Commemoration. Quality Support, lead by Mr. Gatewood, as well as several USAF Veterans, assisted HAF in all phases of the planning for these significant events.

AFDW Acquisition Division, Bolling Air Force Base
Classified Networking, Help Desk and Website Maintenance Support Services
September 2006 – February 2010

Quality Support, Inc. provided a wide variety of internet technology and networking support services to Air Force Offices throughout the National Capital Region, including classified technical support for configuration, installation, problem isolation, and problem resolution, as well as website support and maintenance. Our personnel troubleshoot, evaluated and diagnosed problems from file servers to network electronics to PC workstations, printers, and other peripherals. We provided support for the Procurement Desktop-Defense Standard Procurement System (PD² /SPS System). Additionally, due to our superior service provided to AFDW, the tasks of maintaining and updating selected Air Force websites was added to our contract.

AFD/WSG BRAC Interagency Integration Division, Andrews Air Force Base
Classified Executive Level Analytic, Advisory and Strategic Planning Services
September 2006 – September 2007

On this executive-level project, Quality Support, Inc. personnel supported all actions of the AFDW/SG Interagency Integration division required to implement the BRAC Commissions recommendations affecting the integration management and requirements’ processes for all new construction and relocation of personnel and equipment. We supported the lead Interagency Integration Chief in the AFDW/SG Interagency Integration division with responsibility for developing project plans, tasks, schedules, and identifying milestone dates to ensure proper sequencing of events, work efforts and resources to accomplish objectives. We supported the principal advisor to the AFDW/SG BRAC Interagency Integration division on all matters pertaining to the project integration and implementation of BRAC recommendations.

Surgeon General of Modernization
Classified Executive Level Administrative Support Services
September 2005 – March 2011

Quality Support, Inc. currently provides a full spectrum of classified, executive-level administrative support services to the U.S. Air Force Surgeon General of Modernization (AF/SGR), including meeting and conference services, management of Directors’ schedules and calendars, monitoring of workflow, tracking of suspense items, visitor reception, reproduction services, information distribution, monitoring of SGR correspondence, management of incoming and outgoing telephone calls, typing and proofreading support, mail processing and distribution services, file management, faxes, processing SGR travel arrangements, as well as a variety of other communications support.

USAF 79th Medical Group, Malcolm Grow Medical Center, Andrews Air Force Base
Classified Executive Administrative and Personnel/CSS Support Services
September 2006 – September 2009

Quality Support Inc.’s personnel, who were also retired Air Force, assisted in all operations of the Commander’s Support Staff to include preparation and processing of documentation for administration of quality control programs; reviewed personnel records and interviewed individuals to ensure accuracy of information; compared basic records with source documents, transaction registers, and management products; performed personnel actions; updated computerized personnel data; and prepared and processed correspondence, forms, and PDS transactions. We maintained files of correspondence, directives, instructions, and other publications; prepared and processed administrative support actions relating to unit programs; maintained suspense system for personnel actions and correspondence; maintained and monitored duty status changes, requisition and maintain study reference material for the airman promotion system. We prepared and processed Articles 15, letters of reprimand, investigation reports, unfavorable information files, and separation actions; provided customer assistance (visitors, appointments, inquiries, or phone calls other than those within other processes, and so forth). Our staff managed unit administrative communications, documentation and forms requirements and distribution; managed records and personnel information files (PIFs); processed incoming and outgoing personnel; processed administrative actions (absent without leave, letters of indebtedness, remissions of debt, traffic tickets, dishonored checks, letters of reprimand, claims for support paternity claims, and other control roster actions). We updated, changed, and maintained personnel information (physical profiles, changes of reporting official, duty title changes, specialty or line badges, PRP, AFGCM, personnel security program, and so forth); managed awards and special programs; processed decorations; processed applications, requests, and claims, (off-duty employment, requests to reside off base without BAQ, advance pay, specified period of time contracts, special duty pay, personal clothing, squadron passes, Privacy Act requests, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, BAS, subsistence in kind, pay orders, and so forth). We also processed recurring reports (daily status, strength accounting, subsistence strength, SORTS), and maintained unit personnel management roster and listing. Overall we provided executive administrative support services to Commander’s Support Staff.