U.S. Department of Agriculture

Risk Management Agency (RMA)
Conference Planning and Management Services for Three Regional Conferences
November 2004 - April 2005

USDA's Risk Management Agency hosted three Regional Conferences that required a marketing strategy to reach the target audience for a "Survival Strategies for Small and Limited Resource Farmers and Ranchers" conference. A successful marketing strategy yielded 300 attendees at each conference.

To market each RMA Regional Conference Quality Support worked with the RMA Project Officer to develop the marketing strategy in coordination with the Regional Office and the Central or Western Regional Compliance Office. Tasks for each conference included: pre-conference planning, speaker notification, agenda creation, site selection, hotel contract negotiation, attendee confirmation, on-line and off-line registration, provision of honorarium and per diem, travel arrangements (ground and air), on-site administrative support, transcription, translation, technical writing, A/V provision, computer rental, video-taping and web casting, post-conference analysis and reporting, and other administrative, technical, management, and conference and logistical tasks as required, to include grant review support services.