National Endowment For The Humanities

Workflow Study and ADP Analysis
September 1993 - October 1993

In phasing out existing mainframe platforms, NEH was moving toward a PC-based, Novell LAN environment. Quality Support, Inc. performed an on site survey of the work procedures of 30 staff members and their usage of existing Mainframe and PC tools. A final report recommended enhanced work procedures and training methodologies, Internet links, and methods by which personnel could maximize the effectiveness of newly acquired PC platforms. We also recommended the introduction of a PC-based 4GL Foxpro Database to maintain critical NEH grant application data and to streamline information retrieval.

Research, Administrative Management Support, Database Design
August 1990 - September 1997

Quality Support, Inc. provided NEH with research, verification, and administrative services associated with NEH grant awards. This time-sensitive effort required 100% accuracy, guaranteed through our fundamental knowledge of the Congressional Districts and the applicable research methodology. Additionally, we created the database to identify, store, and manage critical information for split Congressional Districts.